Youth Retreat Samples

Here, you’ll find a list of Youth Retreats we have offered at various points during our evolution as a retreat center.

As we want to meet the needs of those we serve, we can create a wide variety of event programs that include any of these themes in any combination. Our staff will be happy to assist you in developing a tailored program for your group retreat, event, or visit to MRCC. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us.

We can also bring the program to you at your desired location through our fun and engaging outreach events, also known as MORE Events!

Single Day Programs

First Communion Day of Recollection

Students preparing for this beautiful sacrament will come to a deeper understanding of receiving Jesus in the Eucharist and learning about Him through prayer, stories, and crafts. Included is a hot lunch and snack. This day of reflection is offered on the MRCC grounds or on your school campus.

Confirmation Day of Recollection

Candidates for Confirmation will be encouraged to let the Holy Spirit lead them through a day of prayer, fun, faith sharing, and games that teach them about this wonderful Sacrament of Initiation and encourage them to grow as active members of the Body of Christ. Lunch and snack are included and this day of reflection is offered both on and off campus.

Class Unity Day of Recollection

This retreat is designed to bring classmates closer to God, closer to one another, and to heal the wounds of division. This day can include interpersonal and sacramental Reconciliation.

Leadership Day of Recollection

This is a day of reflection for middle school students designed to bolster their faith and leadership skills.

High School Day of Recollection

This day is designed to accommodate the needs of your students; we will work closely with you to design a retreat that meets they right where they are at ~ while calling them to more! Prayer, games, talks, and small group and large group activities are generally components of our Days of Reflection. This day can take place at your school or at MRCC.

Hearts of Mary Day of Recollection (for women)

This is a day of reflection based on St. John Paul II exhortation on women and what he calls the Feminine Genius. This retreat is designed for high school girls to appreciate and unleash their unique feminine gifts to relate and uplift others, which was perfected in our Blessed Mother. Imitating Mary’s virtues, understanding her courage and powerful intercession helps students know that Mary can relate to our modern day struggles and bring us closer to Jesus. It is a day filled with faith sharing, games, prayer, and fun while growing in an authentic appreciation for what a privilege it is to be a woman and have Mary as our mother, mentor, and friend.

Overnight Programs

Body of Christ Retreat

The theme of this retreat is unity in the Body of Christ. Some of the activities are icebreakers, reconciliation, prayer, games, enjoying the outdoors, and large and small group discussions. All of these activities are to encourage students to be the Body of Christ for others. This retreat concludes with celebration of the Eucharist.

Psalm 139 Retreat

This is retreat focuses on the authentic self- esteem we all have as daughters and sons of God. Students will grow in their appreciation of God, others, self.

Legacy Retreat

This overnight retreat is based on leaving a spiritual legacy as individuals and as a class. Being centered on others and contributing to building up the faith community through kindness, service, and good example are the themes of this retreat. Separate guy talks and girl talks as well as icebreakers, games, prayer, large group activities, and sacraments are all components of this uplifting retreat.

Holy Ground Retreat

This retreat is focused on appreciating the beauty of God’s creation, being good stewards, and appreciating one another. Scripturally-based prayer opportunities, outdoor worship, fun, faith sharing, affirmations, and much more comprise this unique retreat experience.