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A retreat is an intentional time away to experience a new awareness of the presence of God. It is an opportunity to get some distance and see things in perspective. A retreat is an intentional strategy to withdraw from everyday life. Read more about why we should make retreats.

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MRCC Retreats

The staff at MRCC plans and leads the retreat based on a particular spiritual theme. These can be day-long retreats, weekend retreats, or longer.

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Hosted Retreats

Our guests plan and run their own retreat and our staff provides for all other needs. These can follow one of MRCC’s programs, or an original program. We can assist as needed.

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Outreach Retreats

Outreach retreats, or MORE Events (Marianist Outreach Retreat Experiences) are catered to your situation. We offer retreats for sacraments, students, faculty, adults, and MORE!

Our Buildings in Detail

Retreat Center is a full-service facility consisting of 45 guest rooms, a large and a small conference room, a commercial kitchen with large dining room, as well as a beautiful chapel.

Know Before You Go

Are you coming to MRCC for an event or retreat? Here are some blog posts with helpful information.

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Visit our Interactive Map to learn more about all the amazing features of MRCC’s property.

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Mission & Values

With Mary, we seek to engage in the religious, spiritual, and educational development of all God’s people.

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Support MRCC

Looking to share in or mission? There are lots of ways to get involved at MRCC. Volunteer, donate, and give us your feedback!

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Have a question about something specific? We’d love to help. Send us a message, give us a call, or come by the Retreat center.

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