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Outreach Events

MORE stands for Marianist Outreach Retreat Experience. If you can imagine a retreat, we can help you. We offer retreats for sacraments, students, faculty, adults, and MORE!

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MRCC Retreats & Events

We create retreats and events that support visitors’ spiritual journey and connection with God. View the Event Calendar to see what’s happening at MRCC.

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Youth Programs

Founded in 1967, MRCC was built for the primary purpose of providing retreat experiences for high school youth. We offer a number of programs for families and adults as well.

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School faculties, parish and church groups, and ecumenical, civic and professional groups have enjoyed MRCC hospitality for retreats and conferences. Adult groups are also welcome to use our facilities while providing their own programs.

Visitor Testimonials

Since 1967, our guests and retreatants have enjoyed the hospitality, natural beauty, and space for prayer and contemplation at MRCC.

You can tell when you walk into a retreat center if it is a place of prayer. Your Center is. You can feel it when you enter the MRCC grounds.

Pastor from Columbia, MO

The Marianist Retreat was beautiful. I loved everything about it. The retreat was very important for me in my spiritual life; it helped to know Jesus more.

2015 Retreatant

Your hospitality is the best! I never felt so welcomed and cared for.

Retreatant from St. Louis, MO

People ask if what I do is religious. Everything I create is religious because of the inspiration behind it, the motivation for doing it and the impact it has on the people looking at it. My faith and art are inseparable.

Brother Mel Meyer, SM

Brother Mel Meyer’s Art

Brother Mel created an estimated 10,000 pieces of art in his career. His work includes metal sculptures, watercolors, stained glass, frescoes and acrylic on canvas paintings. He also worked in handmade paper and textiles. We are so blessed to be able to display over 100 pieces of Bro. Mel’s art work at MRCC. One of the largest collections of Brother Mel’s works anywhere can be found here at MRCC. Read more about his work in this brochure. Here are a few places you will find his art at our location:

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Designed and actually constructed by Brother Mel Meyer, SM, the interior of our beautiful chapel is truly inspirational as well as practical. Although he designed other chapels, each one is different so ours is truly unique.

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Sculpture Garden

Dedicated to the memory of Brother Mel Meyer, SM, the garden is a lovely, peaceful place for prayer and meditation. It contains 13 sculptures designed by Brother Mel, blended with a variety of flowering plants. In the early spring many varieties of iris bloom in a rainbow of color.

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Retreat Center Building

Throughout the retreat center building, you will find a treasure trove of Brother Mel’s original works – from large impressive sculptures to water colors, to works with fabrics, clay and metal.

MRCC’s Mission

The Marianist Retreat Ministry (MRM) of the Province of the United States offers a wide range of retreat and educational experiences that enable a deepening of faith, a growth in prayer, and a motivation toward personal mission, leading to the building of God’s Kingdom on earth.

The 120 acres that encompasses the Marianist Retreat & Conference Center is a true gem. The property sits adjacent to the Meramec River and features miles of forest trails, cliffs, pine forests, streams, meadows, a labyrinth, and a sculpture garden.

We envision the greatest use of our 120 acres is to help all connect with the divine.

Our Facilities, Grounds & Property

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Retreat Facilities

MRCC is surrounded by views of the lush Meramec River valley. It is a full-service facility consisting of 45 guest rooms, a large and a small conference room, a commercial kitchen with large dining room, as well as a beautiful chapel.

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Center & Grounds

Check out our Interactive Map where you can find more information on all the amazing features, both natural and man-made, on MRCC’s property. Watch our drone footage to “visit” MRCC from anywhere!

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Property History

This beautiful property passed hands through family lines a few times before being sold to the Marianists in 1949. Recognized as a historical site by the City of Wildwood, the natural landscape and man-made landmarks build on a legacy that we can trace back to 1856.

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