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Guidelines for Visiting MRCC

We welcome you to our center and we want you to feel at home while you are here. Please respect our facilities and grounds as though they were your own home.

If anyone needs anything, please ask one of the staff.

General Guidelines

  • Medical supplies are to be found in the copy room, in the cabinet under the PA system
  • There is a library off the lower lobby. Please feel free to use the books while you are here. Please return them before you leave.
  • No smoking is allowed anywhere in the building.
  • Smoking is allowed in the patio areas.

Conference Room Guidelines

  • Furniture may be moved but needs to be put back before leaving
  • Each group brings their own supplies
  • Available to groups:
    • Dry erase board
    • Flip chart
    • Stereo system
    • A complete A/V system (See AV from above)
  • Cushions
  • Under normal circumstances no food or drink in the conference room unless using MRCC cups with lids.
  • If group needs to have food or drink it must be requested at time of reservation.
  • Cleaning fee will be charged if that is needed when a group leaves.
  • Candles can be used with appropriate containers. ($50 charge for spilt wax.)

Chapel Guidelines

  • Chairs may be moved but must be put back before leaving.
  • Altar and lectern are not to be moved with checking with staff first.
  • Candles may be used only if they are in glass containers or other containers that will not drip wax
  • The center does not provide candles other than those used for the Eucharist
  • Vestments, chalices, hosts (large), wine are available for use
  • Other items may be used with permission from the center staff
  • Lights need to be turned off when the chapel is not in use

Dining Room Guidelines

  • Food is served buffet style
  • Snacks and drinks are available throughout the day.
  • If snacks are food is taken from the dining room, please use disposable containers.
  • No one is allowed in the kitchen. If something is needed, go to the door and ask one of the cooks for what is needed.
  • There is a small white refrigerator in the dining room. If anyone needs to store medicine or food, please use this refrigerator.
  • Shoes must be worn in the dining room. That is state law for restaurants.

Dorm Area Guidelines

  • No food or drinks are allowed in the dorm areas
  • Directions for vacating a room are in the welcoming notebook in each guest room
  • If extra blankets or pillows are needed, check the utility room. If it is not there, ask one of the center staff members.

Grounds & Property Guidelines

  • There is a half-court basketball court and horseshoe pits behind MaryCliff house.
  • There is a sand volleyball court on the athletic field. Volleyballs are available at the retreat center.
  • When walking the grounds, it is best to stay on the paths. Otherwise chiggers, ticks, poison ivy etc. are good possibilities. We STRONGLY advise that you spray yourself before going outside.
  • There is bug spray at the front and side doors.
  • If your shoes get muddy, please wipe them off or take them off before entering the building.