Educator Retreat Feedback

In the Summer of 2021 we hosted our first-annual series of Educator CPR (Come, Pray, Recharge) retreat days, and since they were so well-received, we are going to offer them again in 2022 – out of great love for all of our educators. Here’s what some of our 2021 attendees had to say ~

I liked the talks and discussions – I’m such a ‘people person’ that I enjoy connecting with others in this real way. I liked how you could participate in as little or as much as you wanted. I did participate in all the activities, and I did enjoy them! Overall, it was very positive and peaceful!!

I felt as if there was a great balance between “sessions” (for lack of a better word) and quiet/break time. We weren’t sitting and listening and doing for a long time without being able to take a break or have some alone time. I also really appreciated the encouragement to participate as little or as much as we wanted. I really felt that you meant that and weren’t just saying it. I wasn’t sure what I needed (group sharing, alone time, etc.) so it was nice to be able to get what I needed once I figured it out–I didn’t feel locked into an agenda just because I showed up–you gave ME the choice to take what was offered or do my own thing, and I appreciated that!

I enjoyed the pace of it; the opportunity to connect with other educators; the freedom to attend a session – or not; the timing, right at the end of summer/beginning of the school year.

I really enjoyed the talks, the opportunity to celebrate Mass together and the time to get away and talk with other educators. The chair massage was an unexpected treat.

The menu was phenomenal. Your chef was so hospitable and gracious and served delicious food. It felt like I was at a restaurant, not a retreat center.

The food was outstanding. Mike and Monica are the best. Quality food, delicious. I’ve never had such excellent food while on a retreat in my entire life.

I left feeling recharged and at peace! You are very welcoming, sincere, and charismatic!! You created an environment where people felt safe to be open and honest and could relax and be themselves. You are excellent leaders!!

The Holy Spirit was working diligently over the course of the retreat! His presence was felt in all we did. Very powerful!

The hospitality, easy fellowship, and no pressure to do anything was the general vibe of the whole retreat. I haven’t been on a retreat quite like that before. I definitely see the value of that format for really stressed individuals who need a lot of rest, and they can add just the right amount of spirituality to make a great retreat.

I think this is a treasure within our archdiocese. I want to come back! I pray for this ministry and that many people, children, teens, adults can see the value here to strengthen their faith.

I wish more people would have taken advantage of this opportunity.

It’s not too soon to register for our 2022 dates: July 6 & 7, 2022 with Fr. Craig Holway and August 2 & 3, 2022 with Fr. Joe Kempf.