Sons of Joseph Retreat

A father/son/grandfather overnight retreat inspired by the life of Jesus and Joseph

We don’t hear a single word from Joseph, and he only shows up in 16 verses in the New Testament, yet his impact on our faith, on Christ, is profound. And Jesus must have had a tremendous impact on Joseph and his relationship with God. On this overnight retreat we will explore questions that deal with the impact of the Father/Son/Grandfather relationship, what we can learn from Joseph’s relationship with Jesus and what role does prayer and service play in this unique relationship. We will also have a lot of fun!

The retreat will consist of short talks, games, activities, a camp fire, a moon walk, prayer, music, outside time, videos, Mass and time for a service project. The retreat will be led by MRCC staff members John Przybylowski and Jim Ford and by Fr. Leo Spezia, Associate Pastor at Sacred Heart parish in Eureka. Father’s cost: $80 and $30 per son. Includes 3 meals, snacks, private room, bath, towels and linens. Son needs to be going into Grades 1-8.

The retreat begins with supper at 5:30pm on Friday and ends with Mass at 3pm on Saturday. This past March, 25 Fathers and Sons participated in MRCC’s Sons of Joseph Day of Recollection. A highlight of the day was the construction of a bench (pictured above) by each Father/Son. The 12 benches are now scattered throughout MRCC’s 120 acres.